A Timeline

2021 and Beyond
  • • Autism Spectrum News hosts webinar on SIPP with curriculum and admissions teams
  • • Autism Spectrum News publishes article "What Autistics Can Contribute to Technology" written by Spectrum Innovates personnel
  • • SIPP presented at in-person Open House Recruiting Event at Vaughn College
  • • SIPP participates in the Stanford Neurodiversity Summit 2021
  • • SIPP attends and networks among autism professionals at Autism New Jersey’s Virtual 39th Annual Conference
  • • The Far Fund awards $225,000 grant to be received over 3 year period
  • • SIPP Curriculum Team completes full draft in collaboration with Vaughn faculty
  • • SIPP participates in and submitted media for ATE Connects: National ATE Principal Investigators’ Conference
  • • Curriculum Team incorporates SOLIDWORKS certification eligibility into SIPP
  • Spectrum Innovates submits Annual Report to NSF ATE Division including Draft Curriculum
  • • Board of Directors appoints Samantha Alba to Advisory Council
  • • Board of Directors elects Patrick Waters as member
  • • SIPP consults with Gov Lamont CT Workforce Taskforce and Commissioner of Department of Disability Services to share SIPP model
  • • SIPP engages with Michael Lukacs, FAA Deputy Division Manager- Forecast and Performance Analysis, for industry outlook and contribution of experts to keep curriculum current
  • • SIPP consults with Karrin Lukacs, Director, Transformative Teaching and Learning, Shenandoah University
  • • Spectrum Innovates, Inc. completes independent CPA Audit for FYE June 30, 2020
  • Vaughn Open House features SIPP Breakout Session
  • • SIPP participates in Autism Services Resource CT Fair
  • • Info Session for Special Education Providers and School Transition Counselors conducted
  • • SIPP attends 2020 Virtual ATE Conference: Resilience and New Frontiers
  • • Scaffolding for integrated program is established
  • • SEL Facilitator joins the Curriculum Team
  • • SIPP Curriculum Team engages in collaboration with Vaughn Faculty
  • Curriculum Development commences
  • • SIPP begins work with External Evaluator on Evaluation Plan for NSF ATE Grant
  • • National Science Foundation Awards Advanced Technological Education Research Grant for SIPP 
  • • SIPP Program timeline established
  • • NEXUS successfully submits application to National Science Foundation for Advanced Technological Education grant
  • • Preliminary developement of curriculur and administrative structure for Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program
  • • Three-year plan created to implement Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program
  • Board approves DBA Specturm Innovates
  • • Board explores government support and opportunities in CT
  • • Board explores opportunities with Beaufort County, SC Economic Development Corp and Chamber of Commerce Leadership
  • • NEXUS conducts outreach to NYC Council for Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program
  • • NEXUS completes independant CPA audit
  • • NEXUS begins strategic partnership with Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology to develop pathway program for autistics to pursue higher education and employment in STEM fields
  • • 5-day autisMakes Advanced Workshop
  • • NEXUS receives grants from JetBlue, Wells Fargo & Autism Speaks
  • • Launch of professional development element component of Spectrum Innovates Innovation Experience
  • NEXUS participates in Autism at Work Roundtable Summit at Microsoft Campus, Redmond
  • • STEMconnector recognizes Spectrum Innovates Day of Design Challenge participation as a highlight of 2017 in STEMdaily Year in Review  special edition
  • • Spectrum Innovates collaborates with Vaugh College - creates neurodiverse team to participate in STEMconnector's national Day of Design Challenge
  • • Strategic relationship with STEMconnector developed
  • Education Update publication features Spectrum Innovates initiatives
  • • 4-day autisMakes Workshop - validates key elements derived from the Spectrum Innovates transition program on passion, creativity and empathy
  • • Five year plan is completed and ratified by board
  • • Board attends Els Foundation Autism Innovations and Global Impact Conference
  • • Fund raising plan is developed and implemented
  • Framework for transition program is completed


  • • Additional autisMakes workshops are planned for 2017
  • • First workshop in autisMakes Series held - remarkable success
  • • NEXUS collaborates with the LOGO Foundation to develop a unique one day innovation workshop for teens on the autism spectrum
  • • Board contributes and secures initial funding for general operations and first Maker workshop
  • • First annual board meeting is held
  • • First matching grant received from the Macquarie Group Foundation
  • • • Development of strategic relationships
  • • Begin development of five year plan
  • • Initial budgeting for development of Spectrum Innovates is begun
  • • Response to White Paper is overwhelmingly positive and offers to assist in program development are received resulting in Advisory Council
  • • White Paper is vetted with leaders in autism, medicine and education for critical review
  • • Board retreat is held to fully explore Spectrum Innovates concept and develop White Paper
  • • Concept for Spectrum Innovates is developed
  • • Founders retain primary legal counsel, files and receives 501(c)(3) certification from IRS
  • • A 501(c)(3) formed to explore and create "Innovative Programs and Initiatives" for those on the autism spectrum
  • • The foundational principles for nfpNEXUS developed and articulated in the mission statement
  • • Board researches, brainstorms and conceptualizes ways to assist in autistics' transition
  • • Founding Board of Directors created to look at current issues in autistic transition to adulthood and adult independence
  • • Initial conversations ensue between stake holders about the need for meaningful transition initiatives for autistics
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