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Spectrum Innovates is dedicated to the idea that autistic minds can change the world. Through its mission - to maximize the potential of autistic individuals through innovative programs and initiatives, we seek to upend the historical paradigm that attempts to shape autistics in a neuro-typical mold.

Rather than focusing on perceived deficits, we helps participants tap into their passions and cultivate their innate abilities and strengths in order to equip them with the skills they need to transition to adult life.

We envision a future where autistics become innovation leaders, entrepreneurs and professionally and personally fulfilled.

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About Us


nfpNEXUS, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) umbrella organization for the NEXUS Initiatives which are dedicated to improving the outcome for autistic individuals. Founded in 2015 by the parent of an autistic teenager with adulthood on the horizon, as an advocate for his child, he would not accept arbitrary limitations and was determined to open the door of possibility for his child's future.

World wide it is expected that 1.9 Million individuals will be diagnosed with autism annually. Too frequently, autistic individuals don't reach their potential because of society's failure to recognize their actual potential. The NEXUS team works with professionals from the fields of education, medicine, law, and government to create meaningful initiatives that can change the cycle for autistic individuals.

As a nascent organization, NEXUS is actively seeking to expand its programs, with the goal of reaching more individuals through its initiatives. It is engaged in developing a full-time transition program, Spectrum Innovates, for young autistic adults to bridge the gap after high school and help them develop marketable skills for employment. NEXUS also offers training in its program methods for educators and service providers who work with autistic youth.