Innovation Make-a-thon, first in the autisMakes workshop series, was designed by Spectrum Innovates in conjunction with the LOGO Foundation specifically for those on spectrum to explore their creative side, experience developing Maker projects from start to finish, be exposed to new ideas and Maker resources and make new social connections.

During this 5-hour event a wide range of autistic individuals came together to brainstorm, problem-solve, collaborate and create. Using Scratch and multiple media, inventions such as a crime‚Äźfighting guitar, flame-throwing man, malleable game controllers and 3D creatures came to life. Feelings of freedom, inspiration and achievement were palpable.

The workshop provided valuable insight into Spectrum Innovates’ pedagogy and methodology with regard to the impact of passion and affinity on the ability of autistic youth to interact and function productively in an unfamiliar setting. Another notable outcome was the degree and variety of social connectivity that emerged among participants with peer mentors and facilitators within a short timeframe.

This workshop affirmed our belief in the ability of those on spectrum to demonstrate their ingenuity and capabilities in a constructionist environment.