autisMakes Workshop

During this groundbreaking 4-day workshop participants were invited to invent, design, build and present prototypes of interactive rides and games that might be found in an amusement park. Drawing on personal passion to tap into creativity our “Makers” used servos, micro-controllers, programming and building materials to bring their ideas to life.

• Minecraft Wolf Robot • 3-D Maze • Whirling Teacup Ride • Toy Story Claw Game • Glove Game Controller • Trolls Bullseye Toss Game • Adventure Video Game • Boxing Video Game • Peach Plus Pok√©mon Video Game • Dr. Who Tardis • Toy Story T-shirt

With mentoring and support from facilitators who are experts in technology, the maker movement and autism, participants worked within unifying, theme driven parameters that they helped to determine, participated in daily reflection and sharing about their process, along with decision making, goal setting and problem solving. As the work progressed, interest in each other’s projects grew, experience gained turned into spontaneous offers of help, and laughter and camaraderie filled the workshop.

The workshop offered strong anecdotal support for key elements it derived from the Spectrum Innovates transition program. It also served as the catalyst to accelerate plans to offer training in the model to interested autism educators and service providers.