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"Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program (SIPP) is for young adults on the autism spectrum as they navigate the path to college, employment and adult life and share an interest in aeronautics, aviation, engineering or technology. "



Uniquely Designed -


SIPP integrates experiential and social / emotional learning in a fully supportive and highly dynamic collegiate environment, preparing students for post secondary education, the work environment and moving into adult life.

A 12 month transition experience for those on the autism spectrum and related diagnoses, SIPP addresses the challenges that many on spectrum experience moving from highschool to college and a career.

Rounding out the year students enter a 6 week residency program on campus where all the skills developed over the year are practiced and honed while they experience life apart and work on their final project.




Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program (SIPP)
Methodology and Approach
This webinar explains SIPP is unique. By immersing students on spectrum in their special STEM interests to engage their strengths, SIPP increases their options for STEM career pathways while facilitating the growth of their authentic selves.



Innovation Hub -


At the center of SIPP is our Innovation Hub. Comprised of Maker Space, Composite Prototyping Center, Robotics Lab, Flight Simulators and Air Traffic Control Simulators, the IH provides the space and tools for immersive and experiential learning that reinforce and build upon knowledge acquired and generates new knowledge.

In this experiential learning environment, projects with real world applications are conceived and worked on in a combination of collaborative and individual efforts, where students learn the skills of collaboration, team building, planning, implementation, etiquette and safety while developing and absorbing crucial social / emotional and life skills.




Coursework -


Three academic courses have been selected for their practicality towards fulfilling curriculum requirements of postsecondary institutions.

Courses are delivered in a blended method of virtual and classroom instruction. Evaluation of competency is based primarily on observational assesment, in the classroom and innovation hub, of skills learned. A badging system is employed to mark achievement and provide ongoing feedback on the progess made.



Program Cycle -

Six Week Orientation

During the first 6 weeks of the program, workshops and maker activities set the stage for collaboration and communication. Students become familiar with faculty, other students, facilities and safety rules and regulations. Workshops give students the chance to explore the Maker environment and to engage in a wide range of projects and design challenges. Students enhance their social and technical problem-solving skills through interaction and collaboration with peers, mentors and facilitators and experience the camaraderie and creativity inherent in Making.



Six Week Residency Experience:

Upon conclusion of the second academic semester students enter the 6-week residency program, living on campus at Vaughn. While living independently, many for the first time, students apply social-emotional and life skills they have developed throughout the program. This supervised living experience gives students the opportunity to live away from home in preparation for college and adult independence. While in residence at Vaughn they will draw on the entirety of knowledge and skills they have internalized throughout the year to conceptualize, design, and execute an industry relevant project.



Aviation and Technology Survey Course (6 credits):

This year long course give students a taste of the multitude of opportunities in aviation and broadens their horizons. Topics ranging from air traffic control to robotics are covered with the use of Vaughn’s state of the art labs and training centers.

Introduction to Calculus (4 credits) Semester 1:

This isn’t your every day math course. The delivery of this collegiate level curriculum has been modified to incorporate experiential learning and observational assessment of competency with minimal paper testing.

English Composition: Writers Workshop (3 credits) Semester 2:

Students hone their skills of written expression while exploring multiple modes of writing. Along with developing competency in saying what they mean and meaning what they say, they learn who they are as writers and how to share that with the world with confidence.


The Future - Autistic Minds Change the World


Students successfully completing the program will receive fast track admission to Vaughn College and the myriad career programs they offer. Vaughn provides students, who complete Vaughn's career programs, extensive career placement assistance.  Alternatively, students may transfer their 13 credits to other institutions or pursue entry positions in the workforce.

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